TORONTO, March 31 /CNW/ – Vital Alert Communication Inc. is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated its new through-the-earth radio for representatives of mining company Vale Inco and leading mining systems integrator KPI Industrial Controls. The radio uses no wires and can communicate voice, text, or data through hundreds of feet of solid rock, concrete, or other obstructions. The radio works by propagating a magnetic field through an analog to digital converter, then compressing the digital signal using software to achieve adequate digital transfer rates.


The test was conducted in Dynamic Earth test mine in Sudbury, Ontario, and included 2 way voice and text messaging through approximately 350 feet of rock, earth, and concrete. Vital Alert holds the exclusive global license on the patents for through-the-earth communications held by Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NewMexico. Heather Simmons, CEO of Vital Alert, said, “We are pleased that the KPI Industrial Controls representatives saw many applications for our product, including remote equipment diagnostics, back-up 2 way emergency text and voice communications, and back-up sensor alarm applications. This test follows our successful demonstrations for U.S. law enforcement agencies, which can use our system in underground operations, and one of the world’s largest subway systems, which seeks to efficiently capture operational data to improve the customer experience.” The system could also be used by rescuers responding to a natural disaster.


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