Vital Alert Communication Inc. Welcomes BCT Technologies as a New Partner

Vital Alert Communication Inc. Welcomes BCT Technologies as a New Partner

VITAL ALERT COMMUNICATION INC. has signed a partnership agreement with BCT Technologies of Beijing, China.


BCT is Vital Alert’s newest partner and is authorized to sell Vital Alert products in the People’s Republic of China. VITAL ALERT CEO, Michael Homer says of the partnership: “I am very excited to have BCT as partner as we enter the Chinese market. Their focus on new and innovative technologies and products will help both our companies grow.”

Vital Alert Communication Inc. Recently Selected for Award by NIOSH

THORNHILL, Ontario – Vital Alert Communication, developer of the Through-The-Earth Communication system, has been selected for award by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the United States..


Vital Alert responded to the NIOSH Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Development and Demonstration of Mine Safety and Health Technology with a proposal to enhance the reliability and distance capabilities of its CanaryLink Through-The-Earth Communication system.


The contract is focused on the development of advanced software radio techniques to reduce the effects of magnetic noise. Vital Alert’s system currently supports real time voice for a distance of over 300 metres and text for over 600 metres. While power is normally shut down during mine emergencies, at other times electrical noise from power centers and high voltage cables can reduce the operational range. These new techniques will extend the system capability to include daily operational applications, and also allow the system to achieve greater distances for voice, text and data in lower noise environments.


The CanaryLink and CanaryGO systems are easy-to-use, effective Through-The-Earth Communication devices that are intended to be an indispensable part of a fully integrated mine communication and safety system. They link to existing communication infrastructure and can be used for everyday as well as emergency needs.


Products are commercially available.


For more information visit or contact Andy Stein at (613) 707-0466


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Vital Alert Communication Inc. Welcomes LasNubes as a Partner in China

VITAL ALERT COMMUNICATION INC. is happy to have Beijing LasNubes Technology Co., Ltd. as a partner in the People’s Republic of China. Their strong customer base along with the experience with mining communications systems will serve both companies well in the Chinese market.

About Vital Alert

Our wireless Through-the-Earth technology uses low frequency, digital electromagnetic induction to deliver secure, real-time voice, text and low speed data.

Markets and Products

Vital Alert’s Canary products provide solutions for a diverse range of communication challenges delivering both day-to-day and/or critical backup communications.

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