Vital Alert Communication Inc. enters into a VLF research agreement with Toyota-ITC

Vital Alert Communication Inc. enters into a VLF research agreement with Toyota-ITC

TORONTO, July 20, 2016 /CNW/ – Vital Alert Communication Inc. announced entering into a research agreement with Toyota-ITC to evaluate position measurement using VLF (Very Low Frequency) beacons.

The need for robust position measurement at road intersections is a critical component to the safety application of vehicles. LeveragingVital Alert’s in-depth expertise in VLF technology, Toyota-ITC and Vital Alert will assess the use of VLF technologies for position location at intersections in GPS denied urban environments. In doing so, the application could reduce traffic accidents, especially in relation to bicycle and pedestrian collisions at intersections in urban spaces.

“This is an excellent example of how Vital Alert’s leadership position in very low frequency technology is providing value, not only in the development of communication products, but also in research for improved safety for vehicles” said Michael Homer, Vital Alert CEO.

Toyota Info Technology Center is a research and development company. In order to develop new innovative technologies, Toyota Info Technology Center actively seeks to build open and effective relationships with pioneers of advanced and promising technologies working at universities, research organizations, and IT companies around the world.

VITAL ALERT COMMUNICATION INC. is a Canadian company headquartered in Thornhill, Ontario, and incorporated in 2002. The U.S. subsidiary, VITAL ALERT TECHNOLOGIES, INC., is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

VITAL ALERT is a technology company that provides solutions using VLF technology and builds innovative products that enable emergency and day-to-day data and voice communications in some of the most difficult communication environments in the world including mines, tunnels, sewers, subways, buildings and fire/rescue emergencies.


Thunderstorm Spiral 16-3: Megacities and Subterranean Military Operations

Vital Alert is participating in a demonstration put on by the Office of the Secretary of Defence, Rapid Reaction Technology Office, between July 19-29, 2016 to show the range and capabilities CanaryTalk has to offer!

Vital Alert at SOCOM TE 16-3

Vital Alert Communication will be showing off our Through-The-Earth Capabilities at SOCOM TE 16-3 between July 11-15, 2016!

The environment facilitates a collaborative working relationship between Government, academia, and industry to promote the identification and assessment of emerging technologies.

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Our wireless Through-the-Earth technology uses low frequency, digital electromagnetic induction to deliver secure, real-time voice, text and low speed data.

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Vital Alert’s Canary products provide solutions for a diverse range of communication challenges delivering both day-to-day and/or critical backup communications.

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