Vital Alert Announces Strategic Relationship with Federal Resources

Vital Alert Announces Strategic Relationship with Federal Resources

The partnership will support the technology leader’s CommPac Radio that addresses communications in complex subterranean environments

Vital Alert (VA), global leader in the utilization of Very Low Frequency (VLF) and magnetic induction technologies, recently announced the establishment of a strategic relationship with Federal Resources (FR) for the distribution of their CommPac Radio terminal. VA’s CommPac provides infrastructure-free communications connectivity Through The Earth (TTE) / Through Barriers without the use of repeaters or wires as well as enables communications utilizing magnetic coupling to existing wires or electrical conductors.

VA has spent the last decade refining, configuring and productizing the CommPac terminal through participation in multiple user demonstrations and exercises; ultimately, improving the product to address difficulties faced while communicating in subterranean or Radio Frequency (RF) denied environments encountered by the military, public safety personnel, first responders and in industrial applications. The CommPac is compatible with existing radio technology utilized in these environments to provide seamless network connectivity ensuring primary and redundant communication capabilities.

FR is a worldwide, leading provider of quality solutions for warfighters and first responders with extensive presence and reach into market areas and existing customers where the CommPac Radio capability is critically applicable and needed. FR has paved the way in the service contract and manufacturing industry.

Michael Homer, CEO of VA, stated, “Leveraging FR’s reputation and distribution reach will expedite familiarizing military and first responders to the unique technical capability of our CommPac Radio and demonstrate how they can immediately employ this equipment to support operations in subterranean environments where traditional radio technology simply cannot function.”

“We are looking forward to sharing this lifesaving technology with our customers,” said Sid Sidebotham, Federal Resources’ Senior Vice President, MRO Market,. “The CommPac radio works in synergy with FR’s product offerings for the subterranean environment and will assist to ensure mission-sensitive information reaches the surface along with increasing a mission’s rate of success.”

About Vital Alert Technologies Inc.
Vital Alert is a technology company that provides solutions using VLF technology and builds innovative products that provide emergency and day-to-day data and voice communications in RF denied areas, including some of the most difficult communication environments in the world including mines, tunnels, sewers, subways, buildings and search and rescue events.
Vital Alert Technologies Inc. is located in Independence, Ohio.

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About Federal Resources
Founded in 1986, Federal Resources is a leading provider of quality products and mission-critical solutions that support the U.S. Military, Federal Government, State/Local Responders, and International Markets. Specializing in comprehensive life-cycle sustainment solutions; procurement and acquisition; technical services and asset management; and training expertise, the organization is dedicated to serving its diverse range of well-established and emerging market segments. Federal Resources strives to fulfill and expand upon its mission to ensure end-users are equipped with the most innovative, reliable, and cost-effective products and technologies available on the market.

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In a Second Korean War, U.S. Troops Will Fight Underground

U.S. Army war planners and weapons developers have been increasing efforts to fast-track networking technologies for soldiers operating underground in tunnel complexes and in dense urban environments.

At Vital Alert, we have developed the necessary tools for military and emergency personnel to be able to communicate in almost any environment below ground. The CanaryCommPac is an extremely portable communication terminal that allows service persons to send voice, text and data through rock, soil and concrete for up to 300m below the ground. It can easily be coupled with existing radio devices and is easy to carry and place in different locations.

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In a Second Korean War, U.S. Troops Will Fight Underground

Vital Alert and Toyota-ITC Research Positioning for Smart Cars and Cities

Vital Alert is excited to announce the second agreement with Toyota – ITC for the development of positioning technology in smart cities to support the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles. As part of our first agreement, we proved that Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology is able to provide positioning data in urban environments. This follow on agreement will take the technology to the next level by improving the accuracy and positioning. 

This agreement is another validation Vital Alert is a world leader in Very Low Frequency technology, enabling smart cities, autonomous vehicles and through-the-earth communications.

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Vital Alert Attends NITEC 2017

Vital Alert is excited to be attending NITEC 2017in Ottawa from April 24-26. The conference focuses on sharpening NATO’s technological edge: Adaptive Partnerships and the Innovative Power of Alliance Industry. Vital Alert is here to learn to how work with NATO for defence and security with our innovative non-RF communication technology. We are excited to be sharing our ideas and collaborating with the best in the industry.

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Thunderstorm Spiral 16-3: Megacities and Subterranean Military Operations

Vital Alert is participating in a demonstration put on by the Office of the Secretary of Defence, Rapid Reaction Technology Office, between July 19-29, 2016 to show the range and capabilities CanaryTalk has to offer!

About Vital Alert

Our wireless Through-the-Earth technology uses low frequency, digital electromagnetic induction to deliver secure, real-time voice, text and low speed data.

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Vital Alert’s Canary products provide solutions for a diverse range of communication challenges delivering both day-to-day and/or critical backup communications.

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