August 13-17, 2018

Vital Alert validated at U.S. Army Thunderstorm exercise in metropolitan New York City and Fort Hamilton.

Vital Alert participated in Thunderstorm 18-2 on August 13-17 to validate our capabilities in subterranean communication.

Our CommPac 3 kg radio used for this exercise was transported below ground and deployed to provide a through-the-earth communication range of 100 meters.

This validation demonstrated high voice quality, direct through-the-earth communications from a subterranean Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET). The subterranean network was provided by Persistent Systems MPU5 radios.

This demonstration was carried out approximately 250 feet below central Manhattan where new subway lines are being constructed

Through-the-earth voice interconnectivity with Persistent Systems was also demonstrated in the NY World Trade Center Tower 3 in the subterranean levels and on floors 70-80. Very low frequency direct voice communication from the top to the bottom of a tall building was demonstrated.

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