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June 20, 2024

Vital Alert Communication Inc. Completes Successful CanaryLink Demonstration in China

CANADIAN-based VITAL ALERT COMMUNICATION INC. marked the first demonstration of its Canary®Link through-the-earth communication system in China, its fourth country since developing the technology, earlier this year.


The company confirmed in May that the demonstration took place at one of the nation’s largest state-owned active gold mining operations, China Gold Group’s Jinchangyu complex, over a five-day period in early 2013. Two-way voice and text messages were positively sent and received over a distance of about 1000 feet, or 300 meters.


In attendance for the event, in addition to VITALALERT staff, were about 10 companies from across China’s primary mining provinces. While the demonstration was the first for Canary®Link in China, the company has already completed similar demonstrations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Canada and Chile in both coal and hard rock mines.


“We believe it will be of great help to mine safety,” Jinchangyu mine safety and environment department director Qinghai Meng said. “[W]e are pleased to see two way voice and data communication, which is ideal for emergency communication.”


Added Beijing General Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Institute of Mining Engineering director, Da Zang: “We see the Canary®Link’s through-the-earth communication technology as a positive step forward in improving post-accident communication as well as addressing unique operational communication needs.”


The Canary®Link TTE system links to existing communication infrastructure and can be used for everyday as well as emergency communication needs. Unlike other systems which prescribe end-to-end solutions, Canary®Link integrates with standard, existing mine communication systems and allows remote or temporary areas of an operation to also be connected with surface personnel cost effectively. When traditional wired communication methods are severed and not easily repaired, Canary®Link can permit a successful back-up link between underground and surface crews.


Canary®Link is now commercially available, and the Intrinsically Safe [IS] version of the system recently obtained is currently under MSHA review.

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